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Who needs to cool down?

Summer is here!

Are you feeling a little on edge with the heat wave? Maye you feel slightly agitated, restless, needing some relief? Can't sleep?

Cooling breath - moon breath (Chandra Bhedana), can help here - I'm teaching it in this week's yoga class.

Inhale the left nostril (block the right). Hold the breath. Exhale the right nostril (block the left)

Repeat this for a number of times, until you start to feel the body relax.

If you can't hold the breath, don't worry, just follow your own inhale and exhale. Try and counting your breaths, to keep your mind focussed.


  • Slowing your thoughts

  • Helping to centre your mind

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Leading you to better sleep

  • Helping cool your body, which has been shown to aid the sleep process

PS - A good tip for these hot days - take a cold shower - it DOES work wonders and stimulates your Vegus Nerve (the nerve that can help bring on your "rest and digest" phase and stimulates your cardio vascular system)

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