Yoga Is Self Care

Fun, cool and relaxing yoga classes in the Stafford area, to help with de-stressing, flexibility, building strength and renewing the body and mind.

Music is carefully researched and selected with intention, so while you "work" on body and breath, the music will help "work" your mind.

Check out this week's peak track! 

This is not a "rush in-rush out" 1 hour affair, like you may experiences at other establishments. Choose to linger before or after class. I am approachable and want you to enjoy each class, so having fun is key, as is being able to give individual wellbeing advice or tips whenever needed (it's free too). 

Every class has an element of pranayama (breathing techniques) and / or meditation, to allow the mind and body to calm even further, to aid in the restorative and stress relief effect of practicing yoga.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Stretch

All fitness levels welcome,

no previous experience required.

The reason for this, is that I demonstrate

each yoga move or posture for every level in the 

class, eg first timers, beginners, intermediates, advanced

or those returning back to yoga after a while.

You get to choose what you do. 



Seighford Village Hall, ST18 9PQ

12pm (1 Hour)

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Seighford Village Hall, ST18 9PQ

6pm (1 Hour)

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Seighford Village Hall, ST18 9PQ

6pm (1 Hour)

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Seighford Village Hall, ST18 9PQ

6.15pm (1 Hour)

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Elite 2000 Fitness Centre, 1-2 St Patrick's St,

Stafford ST16 2PL

6pm (1 Hour)

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First Class Free (Waitlist May Apply)

(48 hour cancellation required)

Pay As You Go: £10 per class

(24 hour cancellation required)

4 Week Pass: £32 

Ensures your space is reserved each week

Students: 10% discount (with student card)

If you are struggling financially - please chat to me.

Yoga should be for all, no matter what you are going through. 

I know it's tough out there, I can be flexible to your situation.

If you have any questions, 

please contact me either by WhatsApp, phone or email.