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1-2-1 Yoga in Stafford

1-2-1 Yoga in Stafford and Surrounding Areas

All the benefits of yoga, from the comfort of your home

I'm available for private yoga classes in Stafford, Stone, Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.


1-2-1 Yoga allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice and focus on your own personal development. You’ll benefit from close guidance and you’ll be able to progress at your own pace.

The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body.


If you have a hectic schedule or want to learn/practice yoga in your own space, then 1-2-1 is a perfect option. This is also an ideal choice if you have mobility issues, don’t drive, or simply prefer to practice from the comfort of a familiar space. 

All fitness levels welcome,

no previous experience required.

1-2-1 classes are a popular choice, so go ahead and book yours today.


1-2-1 available from 2pm to 5pm


1-2-1 available from 9am to 4pm

1-2-1 Pricing: ​

Prices may vary depending on your location and specific requirements. Please contact me directly for a quote or submit a booking form and I will contact you back.​​​

If you have any questions, please contact me either by WhatsApp, phone or email:


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